The Crimson Tide sports network

Roll with the Tide

WTLS is the station for Bama Sports from the Lake Martin area to Montgomery. In addition to Alabama football, basketball and baseball, hear the "Nick Saban Show," "Hey Coach" and the "Crimson Tide Today." During football season, the "Nick Saban Show" airs from 6:30 - 8:00 on Thursday nights. The rest of the sports year, listen to "Hey Coach" every Monday night from 7:00 - 8:00. Also during football season, listen to "Crimson Tide Rewind" on Monday nights at 6:00. The daily feature, "Crimson Tide Today" is broadcast at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every weekday.

WTLS roots are deep with CTSN. The original owner of WTLS, Bert Bank, was the founder of the radio network for Alabama football. Bank and Ned Butler built WTLS in 1954. Butler worked with Bank on several broadcast operations including the construction of the first FM station in Tuscaloosa.



Fri. Mar. 16 AL vs. Georgia (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. Mar. 17 AL vs. Georgia (BSB) 12:55 PM
Sun. Mar. 18 AL vs. Georgia (BSB) 1:55 PM
Fri. Mar. 23 AL @ Tennessee (BSB) 6:25 PM
Sat. Mar. 24 AL @ Tennessee (BSB) 3:55 PM
Sun. Mar. 25 AL @ Tennessee (BSB) 1:55 PM
Tue. Mar. 27 AL vs. Auburn @ MAX Capital City Classic (BSB) 6:30 PM
Fri. Mar. 30 AL vs. Kentucky (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. Mar. 31 AL vs. Kentucky (BSB) 1:55 PM
Sun. Apr. 1 AL vs. Kentucky (BSB) 12:55 PM
Fri. Apr. 6 AL @ Missouri (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. Apr. 7 AL @ Missouri (BSB) 1:55 PM
Sun. Apr. 8 AL @ Missouri (BSB) 12:55 PM
Thu. Apr. 12 AL @ Texas A&M (BSB) 7:55 PM
Fri. Apr. 13 AL @ Texas A&M (BSB) 1:55 PM
Sat. Apr. 14 AL @ Texas A&M (BSB) 12:55 PM
Fri. Apr. 20 AL vs. Auburn (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. Apr. 21 AL vs. Auburn (BSB) 6:55 PM
Sun. Apr. 22 AL vs. Auburn (BSB) 12:55 PM
Fri. Apr. 27 AL @ Arkansas (BSB) 6:25 PM
Sat. Apr. 28 AL @ Arkansas (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sun. Apr. 29 AL @ Arkansas (BSB) 12:55 PM
Fri. May. 4 AL vs. Mississippi State (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. May. 5 AL vs. Mississippi State (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sun. May. 6 AL vs. Mississippi State (BSB) 2:55 PM
Fri. May. 11 AL @ LSU (BSB) 6:55 PM
Sat. May. 12 AL @ LSU (BSB) 6:55 PM
Sun. May. 13 AL @ LSU (BSB) 12:55 PM
Thu. May. 17 AL vs. Ole Miss (BSB) 5:55 PM
Fri. May. 18 AL vs. Ole Miss (BSB) 5:55 PM
Sat. May. 19 AL vs. Ole Miss (BSB) 12:55 PM